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photo20 March 2012: Danish Nikon Club

Spent a wonderful evening giving a talk/lecture on long exposures, at Dansk Nikon Klub in Copenhagen, Denmark.

photo3 March 2012: Ciel Bleu Media

A two-part feature of my photos on Ciel Bleu Media.

photoMarch 2012: Regional government report

Photos used in a joint report by Sweden's twenty-one county administrative boards, on climate/environmental considerations in future city planning.

photo11 February 2012: Aesthetic Investigations

Photos featured on Azurebumble. Aesthetic Investigations..

photo13 December 2011: Dave Cross Online

My photos recommended by American Photoshop guru Dave Cross.

photo29 October 2011: FIAP Silver Medal

Received a FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique) silver medal for the photo Zeeland Bridge at the 11th Malmö International Exhibition of photographic art.

photo7 October 2011: Design You Trust

My photos featured on Design You Trust.

photo30 September 2011: Inspiration Hut

My photos featured on the Inspiration Hut.

photo10 September 2011: Gammelgaard Monochrome

Five photos exhibited as part of the Gammelgaard Monochrome exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark. September to November 2011.

photo28 June 2011: Point of Simplicity Magazine

Featured photographer with an interview and several pages of photos in Point of Simplicity Magazine, no 2, June 2011.

photo18 June 2011: PX3 bronze awards

The underwater portrait Anna, taken in the Baltic Sea, was awarded two bronze medals in the PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2011.

photo19 April 2011: UPI International Exhibition of Photography

Last boat and Zeeland Bridge were chosen for display in the 1st UPI International Exhibition of Photography 2011.

photo27 March 2011: Fotorama

The photo Black Diamond II was featured in the Spring 2011 issue of Danish magazine Fotorama, in a spread on Copenhagen architecture.

photo14 November 2010: FIAP Ribbon

The photo Hvitserkur II was awarded a FIAP Ribbon in the Nature category in the Danish Digital 2010 International Exhibition of Photography, and four photos were picked by the judges for display in the exhibition.

photo8 November 2010: Inspiration Fix on the D Photo

Featured on The D Photo.

photo23 October 2010: RSF Silver Plaque

The photo Invitation was awarded an RSF Silver Plaque in the Black & White category in the 10th Malmö International Exhibition of Photographic Art 2010.

photo24 August 2010: International Photography Awards (IPA)

The photo Invitation was awarded 2nd place in the Fine art, abstract, non-pro, category in the 2010 IPA competition. The photo South Stockholm Skyline received honorable mentions in three categories and the series Nordic White also received an honorable mention.

photoAugust 2010: Digital Photography Techniques

A two-page spread, featuring five of my photographs, in the Autumn 2010 issue of Digital Photography Techniques.

photo22 August 2010: Web site

This web site is now up and running!

photoJune 2010: Guest editor on AL

Guest editor on Art Limited.

photo18 May 2010: Centaure Café EasyCare

Two of my photographs are now used by the Centaure group in Switzerland for their EasyCare advertising campaign.

photo1 May 2010: Art Limited contest

Happy winner of the April 2010 ”Artist of the month” contest at Art Limited.

photo26 April 2010: DOF online photography magazine

Front page, and eight pages inside, featuring some of my photographs in DOF Magazine No 3.

photo16 April 2010: What Digital Camera

Two-page spread, featuring five of my photographs, in the May 2010 issue of What Digital Camera.

photo24 February 2010: Phototuts+

My Flickr stream recommended by Andrew Gibson in the Phototuts+ tutorial on How To Capture Stunning Fine Art Landscape Photographs.


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